Thursday, December 17, 2009

Traveling Dolls

The other night I was sitting on the couch watching Buffy and Spike get their freak on when the human walked in carrying a large box. Now, we all remember what happened the last time the human walked in carrying a large box. Sonali. That's right. I got stuck with the Disney princess loving, pink obsessed, goody goody for a roommate. Well, I figured it was too late at that point, you know, since the box was already being opened up, to complain. But, I complained anyway. Needless to say, the human ignored my pleas and kept on opening up the box. She gets the box open, and out pops this perky thing. Let me tell you, she's lacking in manners. The first thing she said was, "I'm starving. Do you have any cookies?" Need I remind you what happened when a certain red haired doll tried to eat my cookies? Broken fingers and concussions. Yeah. I decided I'd give the new kid a break, after all, she didn't know who's turf she was on. Going with the "maybe if I ignore it, it will go away" philosophy, I retreated to the human's room with a large box of Sour Patch Kids and Buffy season 6. From my retreat under the bed, I could hear the human talking with the other dolls. Ninette apparently comes from Texas and will be visiting us for a few weeks because she is a traveling doll. What the hell is a traveling doll anyway? I think it's when one of the humans gets a few too many dolls at once and gets bored with them, so they send one out to go annoy someone else for awhile. My human better not pawn me off on some loser who thinks I should wear pink. Then, again, this traveling doll concept could be a good thing. Maybe my human will send out the cookie thief then I won't have to hide what's rightfully mine in my underwear drawer. I guess it could be worse. Ninette doesn't snore, and she doesn't complain when I change the channel on the tv. Plus she knows how to booty dance and has a tattoo on her ass. Maybe I'll be able to convert her after all....

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